Working for White Fields has truly provided me with a joy unmatched by other employers.  This isn’t just where I work.  It’s not just a paycheck.  We call White Fields, “A Place to Call Home” for our boys.  However, I have found that it too, is a place to call home for me in terms of fulfillment and reward in the workplace.  In my current role as a CPA, I handle all aspects of accounting for the organization.  While I do not have a direct impact on the healing of the boys that are in our care, I have the incredible privilege to witness firsthand true redemption, healing, and perseverance.

These young children come to us broken, full of hurt and needing love.  I can do that!  I can support and love them.  I can provide that hug, that smile, that handshake that he needs on that difficult day.  The work that is being done here by the clinical team, house parents, and YGS team is not easy. They are truly super heroes!

However, if it weren’t for White Fields and similar organizations, these children would be left without hope.  No child should ever be left to feel hopeless and unloved.  It is an honor and privilege to call White Fields my work place home.

-Nikki Wiseman, CPA
Accounting Department


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