The agriculture program, White Fields’ newest program, is in its second year and becoming an integral part of healing our boys. The agriculture program includes seven show pigs and promotes the physical, cognitive, and social development of our boys. The boys in our C level of care learn responsibility, increase their social interactions, and gain confidence through feeding, grooming, and showing their pigs. Additionally, overseeing and caring for their animals shows these boys that their behavior and actions affects others and increases their sensitivity and awareness of the needs of others in both animals and humans. In our inaugural season, the boys and staff learned the ropes of showing pigs and came home with a total of $20 in winnings. Thanks to Josh Hargis and Bryce Ward, our program grew tremendously this year. We were able to build a new set of runs and pens in our new barn. Our quality show animals were supplied and purchased this year by the Goss and Holt families. This year, we were able to have seven animals with two of them winning consistently in the local shows. We also had a trailer donated to us with the help of Johnsons of Kingfisher and Farrell Livestock trailers. Having our own trailer allows all four boys to take their animals to every show and have a chance to compete.

In order to celebrate this year’s successful pig show season, we held the first annual White Fields Pig Show and Bonus Auction. The event helped show off our newest program and helped raised $21,000 for the boys to continue to participate in future shows. We are excited to see both the agriculture program and the Pig Show grow in years to come.

Frank Alberson, Executive Director


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