To put into context, we are SCUBA instructors. We have witnessed God’s glory in ways most can only imagine. For instance, watching a thunderstorm from under the water, seeing a man paralyzed for 10 years realize he doesn’t need his legs to swim with manta rays or watching a sea turtle grazing on a coral reef. But every time we take our gear to the White Fields’ pool, we experience a joy that will send shivers down your spine. We get to see these boys smile! We get to hear them laugh. We watched a young man afraid of the water, grinning from ear to ear while dogpaddling under the water in full scuba gear. For him all it took was a couple of quick prayers, a Spiderman swimsuit, courage of a lion and a tiny bit of our time. And here’s the amazing part, we’re being selfish, yes selfish. Selfish in the fact that after just 30 minutes with the amazing boys, we feel restored, renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated. We are so grateful to the White Fields’ founders, staff and volunteers for their hearts. In all honesty, when anyone asks what is our favorite dive site, we simply say the pool at White Fields in Oklahoma.

Be selfish and allow God to bless you, go visit White Fields. These boys will have an impact on you and we guarantee you will smile a lot.

God Bless,

John and Cindy (aka Crash and Turtle to the boys)


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