Food and Nutrition

The food and nutrition program at White Fields is vital to ensuring our boys’ proper growth and development. The White Fields’ Certified Dietary Specialist, Terrie Nero and her assistant Marsha Harris work alongside a dietician on meeting our boys’ dietary needs on a daily basis. White Fields has a community garden that allows the boys to learn about horticulture and growing wholesome fruits and vegetables. Children also learn about making healthy food and nutrition choices in skills group meetings. White Fields is proud to partner with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and US Foods on healthy meal and food options for our children.



White Fields has a full-time recreation coordinator, Chris Sadler, who organizes activities for our boys to participate in on a weekly basis. Our children have a chance to enjoy recreation activities like attending sporting events, movie theaters, theme parks, etc. They also attend field lessons regularly to places like museums; businesses to gain a behind the scenes perspective on different industries; and nature parks to name a few. Field lessons provide our boys with a unique learning opportunity outside of the classroom setting. We also have groups from the community who plan small, informal activities on campus like barbeques or pizza parties for our children. Participating in recreation activities provides our boys with an opportunity to broaden their experiences and world perspective.



Every child at White Fields is paired with a mentor. Studies show that mentoring has a positive effect on children and helps them become more confident, while reinforcing their strengths and abilities. We strive to surround our children with programs and people who will enrich their lives. Mentors play a large part in helping us heal our boys. Mentors spend time with our children on a regular basis and provide one on one attention that many of our children have never experienced.