The Referral Process

The Referral Process

In order to qualify for Residential Inpatient Substance Use Treatment, the following assessments are used to determine the need for this level of care. Other assessments and consumer-centered considerations may also be utilized in conjuncture with these as needed, to assess for mental health and substance use needs and the best service option(s) for the individual:

  • Texas Christian University Drug Screen (TCUDS)
  • Alcohol Severity Index (ASI)
  • Client Assessment Record (CAR)

Based upon the assessment scores, the Oklahoma Determination of ASAM Service Level Instrument (ODASL) is then utilized to determine the level of care that is most appropriate for the individual.

Considerations for Residential Treatment include:

  • Substance use within the last 30 days
  • History of IV drug use
  • Pregnancy status of other health conditions and current stability
  • Motivation and ability to engage in Intensive Outpatient treatment for a minimum of 9 hours per week while awaiting residential admission.

Should the individual qualify for the highest level of acuity (residential substance use treatment), the assessing provider can support the individual in contacting their preferred residential provider to determine bed availability.

Pregnant women and pregnant women with current IV use within the last 30 days are prioritized.

Individuals are expected to participate in Outpatient treatment until they are admitted to the program.

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