I started my journey at White Fields as the Recreational Coordinator in 2012 and my heart knew instantly that this was the right place for me. My time at White Fields has been filled with great experiences and outings with the boys. I’ve had the pleasure of taking our boys to Oklahoma City Dodgers games, the Wichita Mountains, Thunder games, equine therapy riding, wildlife expo’s, Oklahoma City Energy games, Martin Nature Park, fishing, hockey games, and rodeos. These were all made possible by generous people and companies that care for the boys just as much as I do.
It’s also been great working with the volunteers and mentors here at White Fields. These critical volunteers build lifelong relationships with our boys. Together, I hope that we can fill their childhood with more happy memories than sad ones. I know White Fields will do just that because of the work staff, volunteers, and mentors do on a daily basis.

People ask me if this is a rewarding job. I hope it’s rewarding for the boys because I’m not here for myself. I’m here for them. I hope their recreational time is as rewarding for them as it is for me. Recreational time is a great way to build relationships and provides learning moments that help these boys grow and develop. I know their road of healing is a long and tough one, so when one of our boys learns to swim or even ride a bike it makes it all worth it. Those days are days they won’t forget and neither will I.


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