White Fields seeks to develop a community of healing and hope for those who are most vulnerable. We strive to create an atmosphere of support and guidance to boys who feel abandoned by their families and society at large. Our goal is for each boy to know his gifts and talents and to share these with society as a productive citizen.

The White Fields continuum of care is an innovative approach to helping abused and neglected children heal. Our model focuses on a foundation of safety and stability. Each of our residents is provided quality mental health treatment focusing on trauma recovery. We emphasize building communication skills, crisis management skills and behavior management skills, which will lead to positive experiences in community involvement. We are also strong proponents of mentoring and relationship building to assist each boy in moving toward independence.

White Fields has five levels of care it provides for children in the state of Oklahoma which includes: D+, C, Specialized Community Home, Foster Care Home and an emergency overflow shelter. To date, there are nearly 30 children on our campus. White Fields is the only group home in Oklahoma and nationally to offer five levels of care on the same campus.