Wiseman Family

We’ve had the amazing blessing to have been a part of White Fields since 2006! It has been so fun and encouraging to see how White Fields has continued to grow and further help the boys that come to live on this campus! My husband, Matt has actually been a full time employee since 2006, and I would fill in and help from time to time. Our family would also fill in as houseparents for weeks at a time when needed; however, last year we had the opportunity to move into the relief houseparent position full time.

I believe that living in the cottage has been a unique experience for our two young daughters as they’ve developed relationships with the boys and call them their brothers. It’s also been neat to witness how the boys have learned to relate to younger sisters and develop a close bond with them. We know that there’s a calling to help those in need and we have found that calling here at White fields. We truly believe in what White Fields stands for and are blessed to be a part of it! The Wiseman family wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.

Crystal Wiseman, House Parent


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