Our partners have joined White Fields in a collaboration to end transitional housing in the Oklahoma City metro area. Together we provide hope, healing, and mentorship to our neighbors who need it most.

HopeHouse OKC

HopeHouse OKC is expanding our reach and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been offered the incredible opportunity to house our HopeHouse OKC families on the White Fields property. Imagine a refuge of safety on country land away from the chaos of the world. Now look around you and notice your surroundings: a beautiful white fence that makes you feel secure, hay bales and a nearby pond that remind you to slow down and take time to heal from years of trauma, a field swiftly blowing in the wind that allows you to feel peace, yet once again. Now envision this property coming to life as a peaceful community for mothers and children who have no place to call home.

HopeHouse OKC at White Fields will be a place set apart for families, to rest, heal, and rebuild their lives. Lives that were once riddled with abuse, neglect, addiction and trauma will become futures filled with hope. This is the vision of what’s to come. 

Our mission at HopeHouse OKC is to break the cycles of poverty and homelessness. We provide safe housing and support to some of the most vulnerable families in our community. Through multiple comprehensive programs, we equip every mother and child with the tools necessary to heal and navigate a healthy, self-sustaining life. Every family gets the opportunity to rewrite their story.


Gateway Church

Gateway Community Church Exists to glorify God and him alone.
We believe our calling to accomplish this is to REACH people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, GROW them into committed disciples of Jesus Christ, and SEND them out with the message and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.