“The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

This is our family verse that we live by and run to often! Jeff and I never thought we would be 28 and parents, much less parents to two biological children and a 13 year old foster son! Wow talk about God directing our steps regardless of our worldly plans! WE ARE BLESSED.

We know that God started whispering his plans to us long ago as I had an early diagnosis that doctors explained would make childbearing impossible. Because of that I gained a sensitive heart to the idea of creating a family in a non-traditional way and as Jeff and I started getting more serious in our relationship we learned that we shared this desire. After being married for a little while the impossible happened when God healed my body and allowed me to become pregnant without assistance! Even after our desire to foster had not left. As a family we spent time volunteering with an inner city youth program for an extended period of time. Through that experience we learned that we wanted to truly invest and give our time, energy, and love daily to children who were not biologically ours. To really make the impact we know is needed – it takes the “everyday commitment” to see the true fruit.

Thankfully we knew the Brown family and saw the experience they had in bringing Devo, a foster now adopted son, into their family unit. This revelation of commitment and watching the Browns become a family was very paralleled; hence, we wanted to learn more about White Fields. We were blown away by their commitment to these boys and their heart to give them the best chance possible. They reassured us that we were truly hearing God correctly in directing us to such a “NON TRADITIONAL” situation!

Since joining the White Fields legacy and being some of the first foster parents on campus, we have been blessed and have had the ultimate privilege of raising precious Jason. He is a survivor. He is smart. He cares deeply. He is truly thriving. We are so encouraged by his ignited faith in Jesus and his willingness to try new things like football and basketball. White Fields has given him the best possible chance at being the best Jason he can be. We are certain that his best is going to make one incredible man of God.

-Natalie and Jeff Lindley, White Fields foster parents

Lindley Fam


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