Chuck and I began volunteering at White Fields in the fall of 2012.  We had been looking for the right volunteer situation and drove by the campus, seeing it for the first time.  We decided to get online and research the organization further. After doing so, we schedule a tour and visited with the executive director, Frank Alberson. After our visit, we both knew this was the place we wanted to invest our time.

We have worked individually with 3 different boys. I even scheduled a one on one baking session with all of the boys in the D cottage during the summer of 2013. Each time one of our boys move to a lower level of care, we sign up for a new boy because we believe in the work White Fields does and want to have a small part in advancing the mission.

It is so encouraging to see all the boys grow and heal.  White Fields’ staff is very dedicated to their mission.  They care and work with all the boys regardless of their various need levels.

A mentor’s job is to simply come on a consistent basis and spend quality time with the child. We try to come once a week for about an hour or two.  Depending on the boy, you will most likely either do some sporting activity like shoot baskets in the gym/outside or play video games.  You do not have to be good at sports either! Mentors provide a special service in that we are not paid staff, but people that care and come because we like the kids and want to be there for them.  We establish relationships with the boys and they look forward to our visits.  It is a great way to help and minster to a very needy boy.  I highly encourage you to visit the facility if you are looking for a way to invest in our future generation.

Angela Coffman, Mentor


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