Food and Nutrition

 The food and nutrition program at White Fields is vital to ensuring our boys’ proper growth and development. The White Fields’ Certified Dietary Specialist, Terrie Nero and her assistant Marsha Harris work alongside a dietician on meeting our boys dietary needs on a daily basis. White Fields has a community garden that allows the boys to learn about horticulture and growing wholesome fruits and vegetables. Children also learn about making healthy food and nutrition choices in skills group meetings.

White Fields welcomes groups from the community to come and share about nutrition with our boys. We also like to provide them with cooking demonstrations as part of life skills lessons. Opportunities to get involved in this arena include hosting a birthday party on site; providing food donations for receptions and events; sponsoring holiday meals for the boys; and donating bottled water. White Fields is proud to partner with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and US Foods on healthy meal and food options for our children. To learn more or explore additional ways you can contribute to this program, contact the development office at 405-302-5123.