There he went, running. Running extremely fast across campus. Running to escape, running to get away, running in fear. Perhaps his life has been full of runners, fleeing images of individuals. Perhaps that is all he knew. Then, before a second passed, an adult caught up to him. They both stopped and looked at each other- and it was as if this young boy realized, in that moment, he was cared for. Loved. Rescued. Redeemed.

And in those fleeting moments, I realized White Fields wasn’t an acreage with buildings, it was home. A home of restoration. How could I not want to be a part of this home? We all need restoration. And I am certain I gain more restoration from the boys than they from me.

Coordinating and participating in the “Around the World” carnival in September was awe-inspiring. My favorite moments were watching the boys’ process through the fact that dozens of adults wanted to spend the afternoon with them. They were experiencing love and compassion, something they have rarely know from adults. They are so loved though. We love them. Volunteers love them. Mentors love them. The staff loves them.

When their feet may fail through the journey, may they be restored through the love of friends at White Fields.

Thankful to be on the journey,

Madelinn Hardy, Volunteer


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