Frequently Asked Questions

 What is White Fields?

We’re Family, We’re Home.  Co-founded in 2000 by Tom Ward, and his son, Trent, we are a non-profit organization that cares for abused and neglected boys, ages 8 to 18 in custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division. Our boys have experienced multiple failed placements and have no place left to go. They are without hope; they come to us hurting and in pain. At White Fields, we give them structure and stability. We surround them with love and compassion. Most importantly, we provide them with a place to belong. Once the boys enter our program, they continue through graduated care levels and may stay permanently until they are adults. As we grow our foster care community, they may also transition to a traditional foster home on campus. In this way, we help boys heal and prepare them to step out on their own when they reach adulthood.

What does “level of care” mean and who named the different levels?

A “level of care” is defined as the classification of medical care needed by a resident. The names of the levels of care (D+, C, therapeutic foster home, and foster home) are determined by the Department of Human Services.

What levels of care does White Fields offer?

White Fields offers five levels of care on our campus that includes:



Therapeutic Foster Homes

Foster Care Homes

White Fields often refers to “continnum of care.” What does this mean as it relates to your work?

“Continuum of Care” is a concept involving graduated care levels wherein a child moves to campus and can remain here through adulthood as they heal and progress. Typically, when a child’s treatment requirements change, he has to move to another placement (facility, home, hospital, etc.).  White Fields’ continuum of care references meeting every childs’ needs at every level in one place over time.

How are children placed at White Fields?

All of our children are placed into White Fields’ care from Oklahoma Department of Human Services’ referrals.  Most of our children are from central Oklahoma; however some are from other cities across the state. Ashley Melson, our clinical coordinator handles all placements.

How is your organization funded?

White Fields receives 19% of its annual budget from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Every year, we have to raise 81% of our budget from private support (foundations, corporations, individuals, special events, and in-kind) to provide the highest quality care for our boys.

Is White Fields a United Way Agency Partner?

No. We receive no United Way funding.

Is your organization part of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services?

White Fields is a non-profit organization. We have a partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services as a contracted placement provider; however we are not a part of the organization itself. We work with OKDHS to provide forever families for abused and neglected boys.

 How can I get involved?

There are many volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups ranging from reading buddies and tutors to campus beautification or recreation projects. You can also make a gift that will provide us necessary resources to heal our boys. Contact our office for more information at info@whitefieldsok.com.

Where do boys at White Fields attend school? 

Upon arrival, all residents attend our on campus educational center where they are evaluated and provided an individualized curriculum. As they make academic and behavioral progress, they transition to public school.

What happens to boys after they graduate from high school?

We help our boys heal from the traumas they have experienced and prepare them to become productive citizens of society. Once they graduate from high school, some children choose to further their education by attending a college or university. Some will opt for vocational training. They always have a home and family here on our campus.

For other questions about our organization, please call our office at 405-302-5123.