Frank Alberson

Dear Friends:

Happy New Year and I hope your 2015 is off to a grand start! White Fields had a very blessed 2014 thanks to your support and belief in our mission. I have exciting news to share with you. Last year, we accomplished the following:

We welcomed twelve new boys into our facility;

One child, Daniel, was adopted by a family whose child attended public school with our boy;

Robert was successfully reunified with his biological family;

Nine children healed enough to move to lower levels of care, which increased from our record setting number of seven in 2013. These children included: Trevor, Jonathan, Jacob, Deangelo, Shane, Tim, Jacob, Dylon and Johnny;

White Fields had three children matriculate into our on campus foster homes:

With the completion of construction on our third foster home, we welcomed Jeff and Natalie Lindley as foster parents. One child moved in last year, and another is set to call them his forever family this year;

The Bond Family had two children move into their home last year as well;

Ms. Cesiny Ackerson, a youth guidance specialist took on the responsibility of becoming an on campus foster parent and will help facilitate the healing process for two children this year. It is a great benefit to White Fields as a whole to have these wonderful, dedicated individuals join the facility and advance through our continuum of care model. She has extended our mission by becoming our fourth home parent;

We celebrated two high school graduates from Deer Creek: Keatley and Austin. Keatley is currently working and attending college and Austin is a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. Davonte will graduate in May, attend college and play football;

Taylor and Caleigh Brown foster and adoptive parents moved off campus and took the young men in their care with them. They adopted Davonte, who changed his name to Devo Cole Brown, to not only honor his adoptive family, but also our very first recreation therapist, Sean Cole, who provided five years of service to White Fields before winning his battle with Lymphoma and transitioning into his eternal life;

Did you know that White Fields’ unique continuum of care model has the following graduated levels of care: D, C+, Foster Home, Therapeutic Foster Home and an emergency overflow shelter? We are the only boys’ group home in Oklahoma to offer five levels in one place;

I am also delighted to share we entered into a partnership with Eckerd to provide training to our foster families throughout the year as our boys transition to this level of care; and finally,

White Fields was able to serve 22 children on any given day on our campus, helping heal trauma and giving our boys hope!

Thank you for your belief in our mission! Gifts and invaluable support like yours enable us to provide high levels of care for our children! Your continued investment helps strengthen our core programs which include the following:  (1) Continuum of Care; (2) Therapy; (3) Education; (4) Food and Nutrition; (5) Recreation; (6) Volunteer; (7) Mentor; and (8) Character Training. Every program solely focuses on the complete healing and restoration of each child. We believe our children’s realities and futures would look very different without the quality care you enable us to provide.

As 2015 begins, we look forward to continuing our quest to help every single boy grow emotionally and spiritually while continuing to set high standards for group home care! Our goal this year with donations and help from you is to provide even more children the opportunity to experience a normal and safe teenage life.  Once again, God bless you and thank you for helping heal our children.

Frank Alberson, Executive Director


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