We are truly grateful for the people that make White Fields a place our boys can call home. What a year 2016 has been for White Fields. Nearly all of our boys officially integrated into the Deer Creek Public School system. Many are excelling and we are seeing real results from therapy, structure, and most importantly, love that they receive on a daily basis. Some still struggle in ways you and I can only imagine as they continue to face the trauma they’ve endured. They have a long road ahead of them, but we are giving them nonstop love and care so that they may excel and reap the benefits White Fields offers each of our children. This is all possible, thanks to you. We are breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect, one child at a time. Our boys are healing, one by one. It is wonderful to witness such great progress.

This year is full of new stories to tell about our boys. We welcomed 8 new boys into our facility. We had four children transition from our houseparent cottage this year into foster homes, three of those on our campus. James, Daniel, and Vin progressed enough to move from our D cottage to our C Cottage with the houseparents, while Bryan, William, and Zachary were able to move into our foster homes on campus from our C cottage. This year, White Field’s celebrated alongside two high school graduates, Johnny and Dylon, who are attending the University of Central Oklahoma. We were able to serve 22 children this year in our three levels of care bringing the total number of children served to 78 since our doors opened ten years ago.

White Fields continues to grow our foster care program. This summer we partnered with Youth and Family Services of El Reno in order to in recruit quality foster families for our boys. In August and September, we welcomed the Jacobson, Ramirez, and Mangum families to our campus as foster parents. We are happy to have them join our family here on campus! Additionally, we were fortunate to receive grants from the Sarkeys Foundation and the George Kaiser Family Foundation for a forth foster home. We will break ground on the new home in February.

Statistically, children in the foster care system have the odds stacked against them. Fifty percent of children in foster care will drop out of high school. Sixty to seventy percent of foster care children will have children of their own by the time they are 21. Thirty percent of children in foster care will be arrested between the ages of 18 and 21. Boys who come to White Fields have experienced a high number of failed placements in the foster care system. On average, a resident has moved homes twelve different times in the past twelve months before coming to White Fields. One boy had even experienced 53 failed placements. Due to their extensive trauma histories, our residents have behavioral and mental health needs that are unable to be met in traditional foster care. Many of our boys have also come to us after spending time in an in-patient psychiatric hospital. Most would assume our boys would fall into one of the horrible statistics assigned to children in foster care.

The White Fields’ continuum of care model has proven to be successful and allows our boys to be able to productive adults, not falling into one of these statistics. One hundred percent of the boys who leave our care at 18 have graduated high school. Two of our graduates have completed the fall semester at UCO and are enrolled in the spring semester. One of our graduates is currently serving in the United States Marines Corp and is stationed in Hawaii. Only 12% of our graduates have been arrested and none of boys have children of their own. No other program dealing this level of care has had the success White Fields has experienced over the past ten years.

Gifts and support like yours enable us to provide high levels of care for our children while enabling them to work on their issues and provide through therapy and the other services. As 2017 begins we look forward to helping each boy grow emotionally and spiritually while continuing to set the standard for group home care! Our goal this year, with your continued support, is to allow more children the opportunity to experience a normal and safe life. God bless you and thank you for helping heal our children, we simply could not do this without you!


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