Lives Changed

Brian first arrived at White Fields in 2009. He was placed in DHS custody due to neglect, physical abuse, and domestic violence in his home. Due to the trauma he experienced as a young child, Brian had many challenging behaviors, including anger, aggression, defiance, and soiling himself daily. Brian had very low self-esteem, was far […]

The Impact of Education

School can be difficult for a lot of people. The academic and social pressures can be enough to stress out even the most well-adjusted child. For the boys here at White Fields school is simply a trigger. It triggers bad memories of past school experience, the realization that they are behind their peers in reading […]

How and Where Can I Make a Difference?

How and where can I make a difference?  That is the thought I was faced with in 2009.  In a large community like OKC, where there is seemingly a need around every corner you look, I wondered where I could focus my energy and efforts to make a difference in someone’s life.  After seeking some […]

Filling in the Gaps

When our boys arrive at White Fields, many of them come with everything they own. Often this adds up to a few trash bags filled with clothing and a few toys, or maybe a small suitcase. They also sometimes arrive with a “Life Book,” a compilation of various pictures, birthday cards, drawings, and important documents […]

Where Will They Live?

In June of 2013, I was transporting a child in foster care from Midwest City to Norman. On this particular trip, we drove through Moore, Oklahoma just weeks after the devastating tornado ripped through the area. Only the faint rumbling of my engine could be heard as we passed by the Warren Theatre on I-35. […]

Executive Director’s Report: Recap of 2014

Dear Friends: Happy New Year and I hope your 2015 is off to a grand start! White Fields had a very blessed 2014 thanks to your support and belief in our mission. I have exciting news to share with you. Last year, we accomplished the following: We welcomed twelve new boys into our facility; One […]

Perspective of a House Parent

We’ve had the amazing blessing to have been a part of White Fields since 2006! It has been so fun and encouraging to see how White Fields has continued to grow and further help the boys that come to live on this campus! My husband, Matt has actually been a full time employee since 2006, and I […]

Where Feet May Fail

There he went, running. Running extremely fast across campus. Running to escape, running to get away, running in fear. Perhaps his life has been full of runners, fleeing images of individuals. Perhaps that is all he knew. Then, before a second passed, an adult caught up to him. They both stopped and looked at each other- […]

Our Time at White Fields

To put into context, we are SCUBA instructors. We have witnessed God’s glory in ways most can only imagine. For instance, watching a thunderstorm from under the water, seeing a man paralyzed for 10 years realize he doesn’t need his legs to swim with manta rays or watching a sea turtle grazing on a coral […]

Mentoring a Child Makes a Difference

Chuck and I began volunteering at White Fields in the fall of 2012.  We had been looking for the right volunteer situation and drove by the campus, seeing it for the first time.  We decided to get online and research the organization further. After doing so, we schedule a tour and visited with the executive […]