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Healing through Art

The Art Therapy Program at White Fields is a truly unique aspect of the treatment services and is one-of-kind in the state of Oklahoma. Art therapy is an essential part of the boys’ development because traditional modes of therapy alone can be limited. Children who have experienced complex trauma struggle with emotion regulation, impulse control, […]

White Fields’ Agriculture Program

The agriculture program, White Fields’ newest program, is in its second year and becoming an integral part of healing our boys. The agriculture program includes seven show pigs and promotes the physical, cognitive, and social development of our boys. The boys in our C level of care learn responsibility, increase their social interactions, and gain […]

Hope for a Future

Q: How long have you been living at White Fields? A: About 2 years Q: What is your favorite thing to do at White Fields? A: I like to go on outings. My favorite outing is when we go to Elevation. Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? A: I want […]

Executive Director’s Report: 2016

We are truly grateful for the people that make White Fields a place our boys can call home. What a year 2016 has been for White Fields. Nearly all of our boys officially integrated into the Deer Creek Public School system. Many are excelling and we are seeing real results from therapy, structure, and most […]

Recreational Therapy

I started my journey at White Fields as the Recreational Coordinator in 2012 and my heart knew instantly that this was the right place for me. My time at White Fields has been filled with great experiences and outings with the boys. I’ve had the pleasure of taking our boys to Oklahoma City Dodgers games, the Wichita Mountains, Thunder […]

Small Gifts

Working as a Youth Guidance Specialist is often a thankless job but I love it. I have had the great pleasure of watching our boys grow in leaps and bounds. Our boys come to us broken and sometimes hopeless and it is my job to ensure that they all find their worth. I get to […]

Against Such There is No Law

My time at White Fields began in May of 2016 as a Master of Social Work student from the University of Oklahoma.  During this summer’s practicum rotations, the MSW students were placed at various non-profit agencies throughout the Oklahoma City metro area in order to gain first-hand experience in the social work field.  It was […]

Take Away Notes

Every Thursday I leave my northwest Oklahoma City home at about 8:30 in the morning. I head up the highway for about 15 minutes, take a left at the light by the stables and continue down some back roads for another 15 minutes. Eventually I see this corner lot with a white fence and beautifully […]

Fire the Flare of Hope

When asked to write this blog post I debated about what to say.  Should I discuss the difficulties?  Should I talk about the highlights, such as when one of our young men goes to a family?  Or should it be the incredible generosity so many have shown us?  Yet what I came back to was […]

Warning: Watch for Flaming Arrows

I’ve heard the term “God Wink”, “God Moment” and have personally used “flaming arrow” to describe those unexpected times when you clearly know and understand God is speaking directly to you.  Most of the time, it’s to get your undivided attention to go down a new path or attempt a new task.   These “winks” and […]