My family and I are so excited and grateful to be a part of White Fields. We have been working with youth for the past ten years and have served as house parents for the past four years. We conducted a national job search and were impressed with the professionalism, quality and warmth of White Fields. The most attractive aspect about White Fields was the continuum of care model and its effectiveness. After our first visit, my wife and I came to the conclusion that if we ever had our own boys’ home, it would mirror White Fields.

On campus, we get to work with 4 to 6 teenage boys. As the house father, I especially enjoy bonding with the boys by playing lots of video games, sports, basketball, watching sports, and camping! I truly do not believe there is a better job out there! Not only do I get to engage, be a father and provide a stable and loving home to the boys, I get to include my own biological children in the process. My wife and I are creating a unified family with the proper focus on the right priorities. I will admit there are some rough times as the boys have been in some very abusive situations in the past. There are a lot of unhealthy, learned behaviors we are working to change. We are grateful because we are given the time and resources to help our boys get what they need at White Fields. The boys usually come to us with very low self-esteem, low empathy and a complete lack of social skills. Our job is to change this and turn their lives around for the better. It’s always different for every child as they come with individual, unique challenges. We are always happy to see the growth and self-confidence that comes over time. Perhaps the most fulfilling moment that happened recently was just being able to sit back and watch five of our boys play a game without any squabbles or problems.

As the boys learn to get along, we incorporate teaching them much needed lessons about community service, caring for the environment, and respecting and caring for others. In closing, our mentors warned us when we were first looking into this field, “This can be the best job in the world and it can be the worst.” At the end of every single day, we love the opportunity we have to change lives. We realize we have the best job in the world. Thanks so much to all of you who allow this to happen. A special thank you to White Fields co-founders, board members and staff for creating the best possible environment.

Derek and Belen Schering, House Parents


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