Belong. Heal. Transform.

Since 2006, White Fields has taken great pride in restoring hope and healing to trauma-affected children and teens from all over the state of Oklahoma. We have served hundreds of children who have been abused, neglected, and witnessed their families decimated by domestic violence and substance abuse. As our mission has grown over the years, so has our ability to fully utilize the White Fields campus. By partnering with area agencies and nonprofits, we provide a holistic approach to supporting families as a unit and ensuring they heal together by staying together. Now, instead of serving children in the aftermath of a broken family, we enter the narrative before irreparable damage is done.

By living on our campus, individuals and families have access to various resources that allow wounds to be healed, relationships to be mended, and skills to be developed that break the generational cycle of trauma. In doing so, White Fields intends to significantly decrease homelessness, familial abuse, and neglect while providing a stable place for people in crisis to call home.

Our 140-acre campus includes residential cottages, playgrounds, dining facilities, a horticulture center, skate park, community garden, administration building, and education center featuring a gymnasium, indoor swimming facility, and fine arts classrooms.