White Fields, we are family. We are home.

Since 2006, White Fields has taken great pride in restoring hope and healing to trauma-affected children, teens, and mothers from all over the state of Oklahoma. We have served hundreds of children who have been abused, neglected, and witnessed their families decimated by domestic violence and substance abuse. As our mission has grown over the years, so has our ability to fully utilize the White Fields campus. By partnering with area agencies and nonprofits, we provide a holistic approach to supporting families as a unit and ensuring they heal together by staying together.

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Early Intervention

Now, instead of serving children in the aftermath of a broken family, we enter the narrative before irreparable damage is done. By living on our campus, individuals and families have access to various resources that allow wounds to be healed, relationships to be mended, and skills to be developed that break the generational cycle of trauma. In doing so, White Fields intends to significantly decrease homelessness, familial abuse, and neglect while providing a stable place for people in crisis to call home.

Our 140-acre campus includes residential cottages, playgrounds, dining facilities, a horticulture center, skate park, community garden, administration building, and education center featuring a gymnasium, indoor swimming facility, and fine arts classrooms.

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“I see White Fields as a place of stability. It's a place where people in crisis can feel at home, where they are loved unconditionally, and where they can finally begin to heal. We have been very blessed in our own lives and believe it is our calling to help these families.”
Tom Ward
"Our primary goal is to provide these families and individuals with the opportunities for healing they always deserved but never got to experience. We will help them grow and become independent, productive members of our community.”
Trent Ward
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Where It All Began

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Tom and Trent Ward’s original inspiration for White Fields came from an old group home in Guthrie, Oklahoma. After researching how the child placement system had improved over the years, the Wards found that at-risk boys made many moves within the DHS system when they were unable to manage in foster care or adoptive homes. But once these boys arrived in a group home setting and realized they would not be moved for misbehavior, they showed dramatic improvement.

The Wards created White Fields to serve as a refuge for these boys to heal and grow in one place until they could responsibly support themselves in adulthood. This changed the trajectory of countless lives, inspiring the Wards to expand their impact to families as a whole. White Fields now partners with area agencies and nonprofits to mend families before they are broken and provide hope for all.

Tom L. Ward is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mach Natural Resources, an Oklahoma City-based oil and gas company. Prior to that, he served as CEO of Tapstone Energy from 2013 to 2017 and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sand Ridge Energy, Inc., from June 2006 through June 2013. From 1989 until 2006, he served as President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Chesapeake Energy Corporation, which he co-founded with Aubrey K. McClendon.

From 1983 to 1989, Mr. Ward was an independent producer of oil and gas in partnership with Mr. McClendon. Co-founder of White Fields, Tom Ward also has a heart for Oklahoma-based organizations that display compassion to the impoverished, as well as those that provide care, education, and second chances to the imprisoned. Tom Ward graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1981 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Petroleum Land Management. He has been married to Schree Ward since 1978 and is a father of four and grandfather to eight.

Trent L. Ward is the President and Chief Executive Officer of WCT Resources. Since taking this position in 2010, he also helped found Oklahoma City-based GRP FLY Clothing. Prior to this, he served as the President of the Tom. L Ward Family Foundation.

Trent Ward graduated from Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana in 2002. Co-Founder and Vice President of the board at White Fields, he also served as a Board Director for the First Tee of Metropolitan Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation, and OKC Quality Schools.

Trent is also responsible for the launch of the “Million” in Oklahoma City Public Schools. The Million is a cell phone-based incentive plan for fifth- through eighth graders.