About White Fields

Belonging. Healing. Transforming.

Far too many Oklahoma children are victimized by neglect, abuse or life-threatening situations each year. For the many taken into custody, the Department of Human Services has the enormous responsibility of placing them with foster care homes, adoptive homes, specialized community homes, residential treatment or group home care.

But, some of these children are so severely traumatized by physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse, they are unable to succeed in the foster care system. They have lost all faith in their chance for stability and are crippled by their feelings of hopelessness, fear and abandonment. Unlikely candidates for adoption, they move from foster home to foster home, falling through the cracks.

This is where White Fields steps in to restore hope in these abused and neglected boys by providing them a long-term home, counseling and guidance. We help these boys learn to develop relationships, grow and move on to lead productive, independent lives.

We believe every child is worth loving and has a unique contribution to offer the world; we strive to help each of our boys see that in themselves. These boys have seen the very worst life has to offer – we give them hope and help them heal.