Founded in 2000, White Fields is a non-profit organization that cares for abused and neglected boys who are in the custody of the state of Oklahoma. White Fields serves boys ages 8 to 18, helping them regain their ability to trust, heal emotionally, broaden relationships and develop into adulthood. Our unique continuum of care model will allow boys to live at White Fields until they graduate from high school and are able to support themselves.

We welcomed our first residents in the fall of 2006. To date, there are 30 children on our campus. One of the defining characteristics of White Fields is that we have grown to have five levels of care in one place that includes: D+, C, Specialized Community Home, Foster Care Homes, and an emergency overflow shelter. White Fields is the only group home in Oklahoma to offer five levels of care in the same place.

Our 140-acre campus includes five residential cottages, an administration building, multipurpose building for recreation and dining, a horticulture center, large playground, skate park, pond, and community garden. We also have an education center that houses a gymnasium, indoor swimming facility and fine arts class rooms for trauma-based therapy. Our program is rich in depth as we  continue to add programming that benefits our residents’ many diversified needs.

Our services include: individual, group, family and art therapy; basic living and social skills group; substance abuse and chemical dependency therapy; behavior redirection; occupational and speech therapy; enrichment activities; psychiatrist on campus weekly; contract psychologist; tutors, mentors and an exceptional recreation program.

We believe every child is worth loving and has a unique contribution to offer the world; we strive to help each of our boys see that in themselves. These boys have seen the very worst life has to offer, and we will give them hope and help them heal.