A Grand Adventure

WOW,  10 years at White Fields! It has been a journey of personal and professional growth. White Fields is doing amazing things with the boys that live on campus. We have had our hard times and good times, but in the end White Fields staff comes together digs deep to fight for these boys to make it in this world. These last 10 years have impacted my life greatly. I have watched the boys I’ve worked with grow into men that can make it in this harsh world. I’ve had the privilege of serving these boys in a variety of different roles – Youth Guidance Specialist, Relief House Parent, and Program Coordinator.  I’ve had a front row seat watching these boys heal from the horrible trauma and abused they’ve endured. I’ve seen dirty grungy kids coming in from a shelter or hospital at the age of 11 and watched them mature and grow into the young men God had created them to be to be.  I’ve seen kids desperately seeking help and craving stability spit in your face and run from staff but they always come back, knowing White Fields is their forever home and they will always be loved here. I just wanted to say “thank you” to White Fields and everyone that has volunteered, donated, and prayed for this place I call home.

Matt Wiseman

Program Coordinator